Making May day Celebrations at Castle Museum Norwich

May Day Making celebrations

Creative Art Technology

Amazing Masks from any theme can be tailormade to suit any key stage,

from simple colourful animal masks to more challenging card creativity, – making shoes, shields, hats, lanterns, or paper mache heavy duty face masks.    (anything is possible if I’m given enough notice!)

Detail showing flip flop creation

Sculptures using Recycled items to create works of Art

found wood faerie throne

Many beautiful sculptures can be made from things we can find around us, – a walk on the beach will give you pieces of driftwood, old colourful nets, shells, etc.

From these you can create magical Faerie chairs, hanging hearts or organic shape ornaments.

These workshops are suitable for key stage 2 and up.

Colourful African Mask

Any way we can turn something that would normally be thrown away, into a work of Art, we are helping the planet,  and gaining creativity from it.

From plastic bags, tin foil, bottle caps, ring pulls, plastic milk bottles, yogurt pots, broken china etc we can create collage, puppets, curtains, hanging decorations, mozaics,- the list is endless.

Workshops for recycled Art are suitable for all key stages.

Mediaeval shoe

Using Recycled materials and Art technology to magical creations

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